Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeling

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Contract Pricing

If we can choose the fixtures and materials we will be using on your bathroom project, we will be able to put hard numbers in the budget columns and arrive at a firm price.

This is part of the process of defining expectations and having good communication. As the client, you want to know what you'll be paying for (and living with), and as the Contractor I need to know what to deliver.

Considering the cost of home improvements, it would be very unwise to sign a contract based only on an estimate. A contract with firm pricing protects both parties by mutual agreement to an outcome understood by both sides.

Will my Contract Price change?

There are usually only two situations in which your contract price can change;

1.) Hidden damage or structural problems are found during demolition which require unforseen repairs.

2.) You elect to change materials or design, or add additional work.

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